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Battering Rams

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Product ID: DE-CQB
CQB Ram Black

Price: $270.99
Product ID: DE-MS
MonoShock Black

Price: $343.99
Product ID: DE-SOER
Special Operations Entry Ram Black

Price: $299.99
Product ID: DE-TH
Thor's Hammer Black

Price: $270.99

Product ID: DE-TT
Twin Turbo Black

Price: $436.99
In its simplest form, a battering ram is just a large, heavy log carried by several people and propelled with force against an obstacle; the ram would be sufficient to damage the target if the log were massive enough or if it were moved quickly enough with enough momentum. In modern times, SWAT teams and other police forces often use small one-man or two-man metal rams for opening locked doors and effecting a door breaching. Dynamic Entry's battering rams are entry tools that you can use to effectively break down almost any door. Dynamic tools battering rams are usually used with a pendulum swinging motion or a tandem two man breach. Blackhawk Entry Tools battering rams are also referred to as breaching tools, cqb battering ram, special operations battering ram, swat battering ram, thor's hammer battering ram, twin turbo ram, tandem battering ram, etc.

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